Rorikon's Azumanga Daioh Tv Review

Rated: 9

Azumanga Daioh has its own originalinity in the way the jokes and puns are designed. Well, most of them are langauge-puns (Japanese, for sure.) So if you're seeing it, make sure you get it from a reliable fansub. Also, the things the charaters do are very hilarous, in a way that doesn't need words to describe, just SEE and LAUGH. It is very funny and when each episode is over, it just makes you want to see the next one immediately. It's a little too sad that there's only 26 episodes, I'm sure that there's much more jokes left in the closet to continue though. (Actually, the author of already-finished Auamange Daioh is currently working on a new series called "Yotsubato!" or "よ��&!".) Anyway, contained in these 26 episodes is a package of the happy stories of the group.

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Rorikon's This Ugly Yet Beautiful World Tv Review

Rated: 7

The tone of the story is not an original, for destined love at first sight between boys and girls are a usual event in the anime world. Also, the brother-sister relationship is not something new, though I like watching the part. But in the whole picture, the storys binds all between romantic love, brother-sister love, jealousy and humor. The creator knew the moment to switch between humorous events and meaningful conversations. It is fun to see Mari's reaction when Hikari and Takeru are having good emotions for each other. In the other side, the sad tone of the story is stronger in the last episodes. It feels bad to see Mari's tears when she saw her loved one with another girl.

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